Hello! Today, a mere little update with some new illustrations of Angel Sanctuary and a furoku product recently released in Japan: a set of playing cards with 1 card featuring Setsuna, in Hana to Yume n°10.11.

(Source: manga-park.com and Yuki sensei's tweets)
+ Improvement of the site display on smartphone.


🎃 Halloween's! Hoooo! Trick or treat! 🎃
+ Wallpapers page updated with English translation and 3 new wallpapers for wide screen made by yours truly! Let's say it's a little Halloween gift.
+ Kaori Yuki's releases updated.


+ Page about Kaori Yuki releases in Japan updated.
+ "Fansection" pages are almost completely translated into English (excepted "cosplay").


Wow, if that is not a true remake of the site, it's even more, a resurrection, a rebirth! The delivery was painful but the baby seems to be fine... I hope you will not feel too lost when visiting this version 5. I opted for an art nouveau design, an inspiration just like that... Almost every sections of the site are still there, even those that have become useless, deserted or even "dead" (like games). The purpose of this site is mainly an archive of the large work of gathering information that I had carried out between 2001 and 2006.
Anyways, a couple of pages could still be updated from time to time thanks to you, such as: fanarts, fanfics and wallpapers! Heh, I still read my mails so you are sure to be published one day or another. The site shouldn't encounter hosting issues anymore. *crosses fingers*


All that I gathered about Kaori Yuki is on my Yuki Kaori Shrine (YKS) and I'd also like to invite you to follow my Twitter about her, where you will be kept up to date about what she publishes and does in Japan nowadays. What remains different between my 2 sites is that Angel Sword is (supposed to be) bilingual French-English and deals in depth with Angel Sanctuary, while YKS does not.
The-Buzz, my co-webmaster officially left the site management. Cheers to him for those years of help!

So what's new on Angel Sword:
+ New page for Kaori Yuki: interviews from 2 artbooks and 2 videos (in "The author").
+ Big rework of "The author" page.
+ Improved multimedia page (drama, CD, in "Download"), gathering in one page both information and dl.
+ Improved the artbooks contents information (in "Galleries").
+ Reopened fanart page, down since 2009! I almost lost part of the collection and have long searched in my old backups to recover everything. All the fanworks are credited, as the ethics of any fair site requires.
+ I added some of my old dollz that I never finished, as they are quite cute already, instead of deleting them. Pixel art is not my hobby anymore so I will probably never add shading on them. Never mind!
+ No more guestbook nor virtual cards service. These tools aren't as used as they used to be and changing of services everytime they aren't provided anymore is too much time consuming for what it's worth.
+ All pages aren't fully translated into English yet, sorry! I'll do it progressively little by little (90 pages to do).

Feel free to drop me your opinion by mail, I'd love to know it! ~Leguman


We've had to temporarily close Angel Sword in September 2015 (no more host). We jumped on the unfortunate event to prepare the v.5, aiming at being an archive only. [Edit August 2017] We hope to open the site again by the end of 2017!


+ Do NOT miss the coming of Kaori Yuki in France at the Salon du livre (book fair) of Paris from the 21st to the 24 of March 2014 !!
+ On January 15, 2014, Tonkam started to release a new edition ("NED") of Angel Sanctuary, in 20 volumes. The lettering has been improved and the translation used is the most recent, improved version compared to the first release 14 years ago.
+ ... Is this site dead? Hmmm in semi-hiatus let's say, as I have really no time at all to take care of it. But I still have hopes that someday, I'll manage to launch a 5th version, more trendy, cleaner and easy to update. Even if A+S is almost 20 years old now, the series is still on the top of the pile, reviews are still written, re-releases are scheduled, digital versions are made available in several countries... as proof this new edition by Tonkam.


+ Update of the bibliography of Kaori Yuki.
+ Nice update of the foreign editions and update of missing covers since 2012!


+ Small update of the author's bibliography.
+ World covers update and a new entry: Russia.


+ I fixed big mistakes among the ISBN of the standard French edition of AS. ^^;
+ Bibliography update.
+ Publication of AS will start in Russia in August 2010. Clearly this is by far the series of KY the most licensed in the world. ^^


+ Happy new year 2010!! I only updated the bibliography and foreign editions... I hope to be able to reup old and newer fanarts soon.


+ Upload of Gold and Gold Deluxe italian editions (see).


The site suffered a hardware failure at the host yesterday afternoon around 17:00. The server is back working since midnight, but other tests will be done on Monday night by the hosting staff, what will make the site inaccessible for a few hours. Sorry again!

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+ Here's the version 3 of the site, at last! 15 days earlier than expected, but after quite many efforts ^^; After a lot of work to understand php with the help of a relative, this version may shock you the first time. But you will see, you will get used to this heavy purple colour, it's quite relaxing for the eyes. And no, it's not that ugly...
+ 85 new wallpapers
+ 11 new links
+ 2 new fanfics
+ new fanarts (but the section is currently under construction)
Sorry to all our fans for the wallpapers, fanarts and fics that we received this summer but uploaded only now......

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Version 2 is finally online after just too many delays!! We tried to sort sections in a smarter way and to lighten the site. We hope you will like this version, even though the previous one a quite a lot of success already...

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Website upload. :)