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Artbooks & postcard books

Artbook #1: Angel Cage

由貴香織里画集 天使禁猟区 - Angel Cage
"Yuki Kaori Gashuu - Tenshi Kinryouku - Angel Cage"
Kaori Yuki Artbook - Angel Sanctuary - Angel Cage
Release: July 30, 1997
Publisher: Hakusensha
Size: 22,5 x 30,5 cm
Pages: 82
Reading: Japanese
Soft cover
ISBN: 4592731441 - JAN: 9784592731443
Price: 1600 ¥

This artbook exists in German by Carlsen, Japanese reading way (30 €) ; in Italian by Planet Manga since June 2003 (25 €) ; in English by Viz Media since August 2005 (15 $).


p.01: flyleaf
pp.02-48: Angel Sanctuary pictures (39)
pp.49-51: Angel Sanctuary title pages (10)
pp.52-55: Heaven, Assiah, Hades, Hell, and their respective characters
p.56: Angel Sanctuary lexicon (various explanations)
pp.57-63: Count Cain pictures (6)
pp.64-67: Neji pictures (4)
pp.68-69: Kaine pictures (1)
p.70: Gravel Kingdom pictures (2)
p.71: Stonehenge (1) and Cruel Fairytales pictures (1)
p.72: Kaori Yuki's Alice in wonderland 1988 calendar illustrations (6) and Count Cain (1)
pp.73-77: interview from Kaori Yuki (read here)
p.78: index of illustrations (with information about their first release)
p.79: postscript with thanks from Kaori Yuki
p.80: table of contents
Pages 81/82 are the tracing paper at the beginning of the book.

Artbook #2: Lost Angel

由貴香織里画集 天使禁猟区II - 失墜天使 Lost Angel
"Yuki Kaori Gashuu - Tenshi Kinryouku II - Shittsui Tenshi / Lost Angel"
Kaori Yuki Artbook - Angel Sanctuary II - Fallen Angel / Lost Angel
Release: October 2nd, 2000
Publisher: Hakusensha
Size: 22 x 30,5 cm
Pages: 102
Reading: Occidental
Soft cover
ISBN: 4592731743 - JAN: 9784592731740
Price: 1600 ¥

The artbook exists in German by Carlsen, Japanese reading ; in English by Viz Media since October 2007.


It is written on the flap of the cover: "This story is a grand epic of the kingdom of heavens, the struggle of fallen angels against their fate".
p.01: flyleaf
pp.02-52: Angel Sanctuary pictures (53)
p.53: flyleaf of the second part of the artbook
pp.54-74: characters, summaries, worlds
pp.75-78: explanations, lexicon of the A†S world
pp.79-88: titles pages (41)
p.89: flyleaf of the third part of the artbook: "Genesis"
pp.90-97: interview from Kaori Yuki (read here); first AS sketches; OVA design; list of her works, OVA and Drama CD (cf. download)
p.98: index of illustrations (with information about their first release)
p.99: postscript by Kaori Yuki
p.100 : table of contents
Pages 101/102 are the clear sheet at the beginning of the book.

Mini version

Probable bootleg?! We found a small version of "Lost Angel", A5 sized (14,8 x 21 cm), 80 pages, containing some of the colour and black & white pages from the artbook "Lost Angel". Sold around 14 €.

Mini-artbook Lost Angel

Postcard book #1: Card gallery

白泉社 カードギャラリー 由貴香織里 天使禁猟区 & 伯爵カインシリーズ
"Hakusensha Card Gallery - Yuki Kaori - Tenshi Kinryouku & Hakushasku Cain Series"
Hakusensha Card Gallery - Kaori Yuki - Angel Sanctuary & Comte Cain
Release: February 22nd, 1995
Publisher: Hakusensha
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Number of detachable cards: 16
Reading: Japanese
Soft cover
ISBN: 4592720326
Price: 490 ¥


• 7 colourful pictures of Angel Sanctuary
• 2 colourful pictures of Gravel Kingdom
• 9 colourful pictures of Count Cain
At the back of the postcards we can see chibi portraits from the characters of the three mangas displayed. The cards are true hard postcards held of their side and that one can pull out.

Postcard book #2: Angelic Voice

天使禁猟区 - Angelic Voice - Postcard Book
"Tenshi Kinryouku - Angelic Voice - Postcard Book"
Release: March 30, 1999
Publisher: Hakusensha
Whole size: 13,3 x 18,9 cm
Card size: 12,8 x 18,1 cm (~B6)
Number of detachable cards: 32
Reading: Japanese then vertical
Hard cover
ISBN: 459273159X
Price: 490 ¥

Also exists in German by Carlsen (~12 €). The print quality is not as good ad the original and colours are a bit more blue.


32 colourful pictures from Angel Sanctuary, no new one. They are true large hard postcards held on their top and removable. Their surface is rough like drawing paper.

Chinese artbook: Lost Angel

Release: November 2000
Publisher: (bootleg)
Size: 21 x 28,5 cm
Pages: 183 pages
Reading: Occidental
ISBN: 9771006656003
Soft cover
Price (informative): 26 €

This Chinese version is named "Lost Angel", but instead of merely containing the translation of the original Japanese book, the artbook is a mix of the two artbooks. The rendering of pictures is of poor quality, with too much contrast and too much vivid colours and slightly too dark. Moreover, towards the end drawings that aren't from Kaori Yuki have been added (fan arts and advertisements).


120 colourful pages from Angel Sanctuary coming from "Angel Cage" and "Lost Angel".
Presentation of the characters, worlds, different parts of the manga.
3 interviews from Kaori Yuki.
• The very first chapter of the series Ludwig Revolution: "Snow White (made in 1999), at the very end.
• A glossy cardboard shitajiki (20 x 14 cm) (front / back).
• A removable two-sides poster (42 x 28,5 cm) (front / back).
A bookmark (6,5 x 18 cm).

Chinese artbook: Angel Cage

Release: September 2007
Publisher: (bootleg)
Size: 22 x 29,2 cm
Pages: 116 pages
Reading: Western
ISBN: 9787531813248 (fake, stolen)
Hard cover
Price: 42 Yuan

The print quality is globally fine and colours are well reproduced. Sometimes pictures are a bit blurry because they've been enlarged to fill two pages. The cover is probably the prettiest part with a nice crumpled paper effect, glossy parts and corners with true metallic pieces.


This Chinese version is named "Angel Cage" but instead of being a mere translation of the Japanese artbook of the same name, there is no text at all and there are some illustrations from Yuki sensei's works subsequent to A†S: Fairy Cube (1), God Child (2) and Ludwig Revolution (1).

chinese Postcard book: Kaori Yuki Illustrations file

Release: 2002 or 2003
Publisher: (bootleg ?)
Size: 13,8 x 17,5 cm
Number of detachable cards: 32
Reading: vertical
Soft cover
Prix (informative): 10 €

This postcard book is part of a collection of 10 postcards books. Would this one be a legal Chinese edition? It's not easy to find such information as we do not read Chinese... The book is sold in a blister pack with a little booklet presenting the whole collection:


32 colourful pictures of Angel Sanctuary. All the illustrations come from the artbook "Lost Angel" and not "Angelic Voice".
They are large cardboard postcards held together on the top that one can pull out. Their surface is smooth and shiny like photo paper. Colours are bright with deep contrast, printed on photo-like paper the overall look is very pleasant.