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Made from various pictures by Kaori Yuki and of the OVA. Free to use, created by us. Webmasters: if you put them on your site, please credit us.
Users: you can't link them anymore as it was resulting in too many hits per day for our host, we then changed their availability, you must now download them in packs, then you dezip them (with WinZip for example). Then you send the avatar of your choice through your profile page on your forum. DON'T link the last avatars added and displayed as we may take them off at any time, they're shown only to inform about the newest avys.

A pack contains 100x100 px and 80x80 px avatars. Each pack weights about 100 KB. New avatars will be uploaded in new packs and won't be added in the older ones. Note: these avatars were created by us in the 2000' with the taste of that time and the sizes mostly used back then.

Angel Sanctuary

Pack 01: Rociel (9), Alexiel (5)
Pack 02: Kurai (4), Sara (3), Belial (2), Gabriel (2), Kirie (1), a dragon (1)
Pack 03: Michael (5), Kira (5), Lucifer (3), Raphael (2)
Pack 04: Setsuna (13), Katan (1), Zaphkiel (1), Arakune (1)


Other works

Blood hound:

Pack 01: Rion (8), Suou (4), portraits (2) (of the main actors of "The Vampire Gigolo" Komukai Minako & Matsuda Satoshi)


Boy's Next Door:

Pack 01: Lawrence (4)


Count Cain:

Pack 01: Cain (12)
Pack 02: Dr. Jezabel (4), Maryweather (2), miss Muffet (2)


Ludwig Revolution:

Pack 01: Ludwig (9), Blanche's mother (2), Snow White (1)


Meine Liebe:

Pack 01: Franciska (5), Marin (3), Wilhelmine (3), Augusta (2)
Pack 02: Ludwig (2), Orpherus (2), Camus (1), Edward (1), Naoji (1)



Pack 01: Gravel Kingdom (5), Neji (2), Kaine (2), Stonehenge (1)