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and adoptions

A trend of the 2000', dollz and sprites are pixel art, in this cas they are virtual dolls of various size, their details are created pixel by pixel with a image editing software. Their interest is artistic and entertaining for their creators who are usually part of a pixel art community, and it can become a collection or decoration for the adopting people. One gold rule to follow when one wants to display a doll on their site: indicate where the dollz come from and who made it (it is not at all a free to use GIF).

When we stumbled upon a dollz related to Angel Sanctuary, we quickly opened a page on the subject and started to adopt ^^ and even created a few!

Dollz & sprites adopted by Angel Sword ♥

Rule reminder: dollz belong to their owner. If you want to adopt one, you must indicate proper author credit (name + email or website).

by Aya
by Yukizilla
by Wega
on Glitterbug
by Alexiel
by Maddy
by Evillilkitty (on
Dolly Famous) The
very first AS doll
that we found!
by Sei
by Lahobbite
by Vassago
by Roxy