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The "scans" section is a large part of the site. It took us tremendous time to fill it as we scanned and edited everything ourselves. Scans are thus in French as we read Angel Sanctuary in French. ;) One rule: don't steal all these scans!! If you want to use part of it in some gallery of your own site, please indicate your source: clearly tell where you found them. No direct linking either of course, and don't reuse the whole galleries please.

Galleries of characters are together in the file of each character.

French scans gallery

Beware of numerous spoiler (informations about the main plot)!

STUDY (manga + OAV)

LAST PAGE OF CH. (spoil)

ASSIAH (vol.1-4)

HADES (vol.4-7)

JAHANNAM (vol.7-11)

YETZIRAH (vol.11-14)

BRIAH (vol.15-16)

ATZILUTH (vol.17-20)

Introductory pages and "next access" (ending page)

Introductory pages from the French edition (Japanese reading way):
Scans of the "next access" pages from the French edition (Japanese reading way):

The "next access" page is at the end of each book and serves as the announcement of a new character in the next issue.

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